Some activated carbons, even if they are not classified as Dangerous Substances, exist in a powder form. Therefore, breathing this dust should be avoided, as well as contact with skin and eyes, formation and spread of dust in the air. To crush the product is strongly inadvisable. Furthermore, activated carbons absorbs oxygen from air, reducing oxygen available for breathing, so confined spaces should not be entered unless they are adequately ventilated.

The usual procedures for handling all chemicals should also be followed.

For storage, large flexible bulk containers, paper bags, aluminium or steel for road tankers are recommended.

Activated carbons are to be store protected from moisture (to maintain the technical properties of the product) and away from solvents (possibility of adsorption of their fumes/vapours by activated carbon) and powerful oxidants.

Incompatible materials to be avoided are liquid oxygen, ozone and powerful oxidants which can lead to rapid combustion.